Emergency Services

Fire Department — 911

Fire Chief | Ryan Chilson
A bucket brigade was organized in the 1880’s as the first means of firefighting. The first charter of a fire department was drawn up in 1891 after the City Council purchased a hand operated fire engine utilizing water from four ten-foot-deep cisterns dug at various intersections in Newman Grove. There were 52 members in the original charter. The first organization of the Newman Grove Fire Department was in 1903 with constitution and by-laws upgraded at various times since. The total number of volunteer fireman has recently been raised from 26 to 31.

A new fire barn was erected in 1998. The volunteers meet monthly for a meeting and training exercises. The Rural Fire Board, the City Council, and generous donors provide the money for the up-to-date equipment and facilities.

The 31 volunteers give their time and energy willingly to keep Newman Grove and the surrounding rural fire district protected from fires and other disasters.

Police Services — (402) 454-2110

The City of Newman Grove contracts the Madison County Sheriff’s Department for policing services. Please call (402) 454-2110. The Department has 24-hour officers available.

Rescue Squad  911

Co-Captains | Connie Johnson and Dan Morris
A Fire Department Rescue Squad was first instituted in 1963 with 6 members a van for the first Rescue Unit. The Rescue Squad now has 13 Certified EMT’s and a number of other responders. It used two ambulances and up to date equipment provided by generous community donations. 

Donations can be sent to Newman Grove Rescue, PO Box 266, Newman Grove, NE 68758.

Emergency Management

Tim Krueger – (402) 741-1436

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